CCP History

When the new primary school was being planned, the community were given the opportunity to put in additional money which would be used to build a larger hall than would be usual, additional storage room and community changing rooms and toilets.

The community agreed to do that at a public meeting and Chudleigh Community Project was formed to raise the money and manage the Community Hall outside school hours. By the time the new school opened in 1991, all of the necessary money had been raised both locally and in the form of grants.

Outside school hours the Community Hall is managed by us and is available for hire. 

Once the hall had been paid for we went on to raise money for the pool construction. This proved to be a lot more difficult and was only made possible by a large grant from the Foundation for Sport and the Arts.

What's with the logo?

Chudleigh is an ancient wool town. As you look south from the town you are likely to see sheep in the fields on the hill. When we were formed, the children at the primary school were asked to draw a sheep and a selection of these was used to form our logo.

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